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XHTML1 and CSS2 Web site
designed and created by Diptyque.NET

Internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N)

This multilingual site is based on the Natural Language Selector (NLS), a PHP middleware for managing, adding, and negotiating languages and content.

The content automatically adapts to the language specifications of the browser used by visitors to the site or to the domain name being visited. This original process makes it possible to move from one language to another at any time without loss of context.

The architecture and source code are common to all the languages supported. Only the resources (text, images, video, interface) are separate. This means that there is a strict separation between the source code and the data, which results in better adaptability and lower maintenance costs.

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Streaming video

The technique chosen and implemented on this site allows users to view video instantaneously, without waiting and without having to download a player.


Michaël Guitton (architecture, Web design, I18N, L10N, coding, QA), Nathalie Le Bel Jehenne (Web design), Frédéric Néret (video streaming), Franck Desplanques (photographs), François Sutra Fourcade (concept, authoring), Joe LaCour (English), Marina Schewe (German), Regina Koehler (German).